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The things we'll do for $50 would
make most people blush...

1) register your domain name
2) Use a picture or logo that you provide (or is easily obtainable by us!) to design a simple website of up to 3 pages
3) Provide you with one POP email address
4) Set up a simple PayPal shopping cart, if needed
5) Host your site for one year
6) Provide 24/7 support
7) Get your 100 percent satisfaction approval BEFORE the site goes live and BEFORE we're paid!

The $50 deal is PERFECT for:
*Home-based businesses that want a web presence
* Small businesses who need a simple website
*Organizations needing a website
*Individuals who want their own site
*Non-computer geeks!

Get started now!
Send us an email with what you're looking for and your site will be up and running in no time!


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